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We are now offering virtual and in person therapy sessions!

In these uncertain times, mental health is more important than ever. At West Michigan Psychological Services we are dedicated to providing quality mental health care. Contact us today to get started with virtual or in person therapy with one of our licensed therapists.

Our Specialties

ADHD Therapy Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

ADHD Therapy Services

ADHD, also known as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is a developmental difference that alters the brain’s capacity to regulate emotion and attention.  While some of the symptoms are easily recognized, such as difficulty concentrating or needing to move/fidget, many signs of ADHD go unnoticed.

Anxiety Therapy Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal experience, one that everyone feels from time to time.

Anxious feelings keep us safe from harm and alert us to future threats.  Although these experiences often help us, sometimes our anxiety grows out of control.

Child and Adolescent Therapy Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Your child means everything to you.  Your heart soars when they are happy, healthy, and successful, and it breaks when you see them struggle.  Many parents feel alone when their kids face issues like anxiety, depression, anger, and trouble with school.  

Couples Counseling Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

Couples Counseling

Your relationship should be a source of joy, intimacy, and hope.  You should be able to work as a team and communicate with respect and fondness.  Your needs should be received and met with love.  The two of you should share a deep sense of connection and excitement for a future together. 

Depression Therapy Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

Therapy for Depression

Sometimes depression causes people to feel down, tired, or sad.  Some may lose their sense of pleasure or motivation.  Some withdraw from friends and loved ones.  And some may begin to feel hopeless, helpless, or even trapped.  Even if life seems to be going “just fine,” depression can make you feel miserable and meaningless.

LGBTQ Therapy Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapy

Do you want a space to share, explore, and understand your identity?  Are you simply looking for a therapist who gets what it’s like to have gender or sexual diversity?

We recognize that LGBTQ+ kids and adults face the same struggles and hardships as everyone else.

Psychological Assessments - West Michigan Psychological Services

Psychological Assessment

You might have questions about whether you or your child has ADHD, Learning Disabilities, or other mental health diagnoses.  You might be in the midst of a divorce or child custody situation and need to assess parental capacity.  Or, you might simply be wanting to get a deeper understanding of your mind…

Trauma Therapy Services - West Michigan Psychological Services

Therapy for Trauma

Trauma can happen in so many ways.

You might experience trauma related to one horrible event.  A single, horrifying experience is enough to shock the mind and body.  Things like car accidents, violence, assault, and abuse leave us with both physical and emotional wounds.