If you’ve had a baby in the past year, you may be asking yourself this question. As Grand Rapids therapists, we know that it’s much more common than most people think, and even more common than some doctors realize. Postpartum depression (PPD) is not something to be ashamed of, in fact, seeking out a therapist in Michigan to help benefits you, your baby and your spouse. 

Why Do Women Suffer from PPD?

Let’s think about what your body has been through over the past year or so. Your emotions have been on a rollercoaster along with your surging hormones as you grew life inside you. Now that baby is here and you’re likely getting little sleep, hormones are still changing and your emotions continue on a rollercoaster. You’ve changed. Your body changed. Your family dynamic has changed, even if this is not your first child. The good news is that many Grand Rapids therapists understand and help with PPD.

Signs of Postpartum Depression

Depression often comes after a life event, both good and bad ones. Postpartum depression simply has a reason behind it. Although everyone experiences PPD differently, here are some common signs that you may be suffering from more than just the “baby blues.”

  • Detached feelings from your new baby, spouse or other children.
  • Feelings of not being able to do anything right.
  • Difficulty sleeping, staying awake, making decisions or focusing on a task.
  • Negative feelings not common to you like irritability, worthlessness, lack of pleasure in things you once enjoyed and overall sadness.

These are not all the signs of postpartum depression, nor do you need all of these to have PPD.

Do I Need a Therapist in Michigan or Can My Doctor Prescribe Something?

Although you will may want to take an antidepressant, you will have better success in overcoming your depression by seeing one of our Grand Rapids therapists either in conjunction with medicine or without it. If you are looking for experienced Grand Rapids therapists or counseling in Holland, MI or need help in Norton Shores, call West Michigan Psychological Services for your appointment at (616) 952-9957 or (231) 237-8898. We offer in person and virtual appointments.