Navigating through life can be daunting and tedious. Without healthy coping mechanisms, stress can manifest itself as being angered easily, having little patience for those around you, and being unable to let things go. Emotions are normal, even anger. However, if you are finding yourself being triggered easily or angry more than usual, a psychologist in Holland, MI can help.

When Anger Becomes a Problem

As we mentioned, anger is a normal emotion and is considered healthy when it is controlled. Psychologists in Michigan would say anger becomes unhealthy when it hurts others, lingers, becomes a frequent occurrence, or seems to take over your reactions and responses. Do you do things or say things that you regret? Have you become increasingly violent? Have your family and friends made comments about your temper? If any of this sounds familiar, your emotion has reached an unhealthy stage.

How Coping Skills Can Benefit You

Learning how to manage your anger in a positive way not only helps create a more peaceful environment but coping skills can be used universally. A psychologist in Michigan can educate you in these skills including problem-solving, understanding and fixing the root of the problem, recognizing the good in any situation, and even learning how to use your situation to grow spiritually.

Address Anger Issues at West Michigan Psychological Services 

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