With age comes grace, beauty, wisdom, and bouts of depression. Well, that last one was a downer, but the reality is we all struggle with aging in one way or another. The good news is that there is a therapist in Michigan who may be able to help make sense of how aging affects your mental health, help you through difficult times, and help you find hope for the future.

Why Do I Feel Differently Now?

As you age, everyone around you does, as well. Children grow up and move out. Your friends are growing older. Those you looked up to are even older. You retire from a job that has been a part of your life for decades. Many major life changes occur as you continue to grow older. When these milestones occur, your sense of purpose can get lost. Grief sets in as the death toll among family, friends, and peers begin to climb. If you’re not venturing out as often as you used to, isolation leads to loneliness and depression creeps in. Menopause spins hormones in a whole different direction and can cause all kinds of physical and mental turmoil.

How a Therapist in Michigan Can Help

Working with a therapist is beneficial for an aging individual for many reasons. They can help you embrace change and understand that aging is a normal process of life. You can learn how to accept the process rather than fight against it. A therapist will help you rediscover the purpose for the new chapter of your life. In addition to the benefits named above, a therapist may be one of the few personal interactions an aging person has on a regular basis. That in itself brings comfort and something positive to look forward to.

Compassionate Counseling in Holland MI

If the signs of aging are affecting you or someone you love, consider choosing an experienced therapist at West Michigan Psychological Services. Our team has some of the best therapists in Grand Rapids and has worked with countless individuals struggling with the aging process. Call 616-952-9957 today, or click here to reach us online.