Chelsea Simkhada


Chelsea Simkhada - Holland Therapist

Chelsea Simkhada, LMSW

As a Licensed Master Social Worker, Chelsea has worked with varying populations within a variety of different environments, ranging from schools, homeless shelters, community-based care and outreach programs. Chelsea received her Masters degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University . Prior to that, she received her Bachelors of Social Work from Eastern Nazarene College on the South Shore of Boston in Massachusetts. Chelsea has worked with youth and adults who have experienced substance use, homelessness, trauma, abuse, and neglect. She practices within the framework of being strengths-based, utilizing talk therapy and the techniques of movement and activity when working with individuals. Chelsea enjoys working with diverse populations, including ethnicities, religions, sexualities, and socioeconomic status. Among Chelsea’s strengths, are her passion for working in partnership with those seeking services; her ability to establish rapport with consumers; and her capacity for being non-judgmental. Chelsea enjoys spending time with family, camping, and getting lost in a good book.

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