Although all psychologists in Michigan have slightly different plans for the initial visit, they all have two goals in common. Both will determine if you have a second appointment. First, you’ll want to see if you feel comfortable with the psychologist you’ve chosen. Second, your psychologist will need to make sure they feel comfortable treating you. If either of you aren’t comfortable for whatever reason, you won’t have the success you deserve in therapy and should seek out another provider.

How Will the First Session Go?

Most psychologists in Michigan have paperwork they ask you to complete prior to coming in. They review that so they have an idea of some questions to ask to facilitate a conversation during the first visit. Now is not the time to be shy with your answers. If you neglected to state something in the questionnaire or know there are things you want to work through that you weren’t prompted to answer, feel free to bring them up.

As the psychologist at West Michigan Psychological Services in Holland, Grand Rapids, or Norton Shores learns more about you and your reasons for seeking therapy, they will begin to develop a plan which may include:

  • Frequency of appointments
  • Other people they may want you to bring on occasion
  • Assignments for you to complete at home prior to your next visit

In some instances, they may also recommend you seeing your primary care provider. In Michigan, only they can prescribe medication for anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication.

Looking for the Right Psychologists in Michigan?

If you’re located in the Norton Shores or Holland, Michigan areas, we have two offices where we offer in person appointments. If you’re local or a bit further away and would prefer virtual therapy, we offer virtual therapy sessions if you’re just looking for a psychologist in Michigan but don’t want an impersonappointment. Call us today to schedule your appointment. Our Holland team can be reached at (616) 952-9957. Our Norton Shores office is available at (231) 237-8898.