Reasons You May Need a Psychologist in Michigan

Aug 17, 2021 | Adult Counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Grief Therapy, Trauma Therapy

According to the American Psychological Association nearly half of all households in the U.S. have someone seek therapy every year. The attitude toward mental health treatment has shifted from something of shame to something that is necessary and good. We often think that we only need a psychologist in Michigan after a trauma or if we’re depressed. However, there are many reasons you may need to seek therapy for yourself or a family member.

To Overcome

We all face many issues and challenges in our lives. Perhaps you want to overcome an irrational fear. Or maybe you want to overcome a trauma you’ve faced in your life. A psychologist in Holland, MI can help you work to overcome your issue or help you accept it as something that it is a part of what makes you who you are. Either way you’ll feel better once you’ve faced the challenge in your life.

To Grow

As we go through life, we change. A positive change is when we grow beyond the current version of ourselves. Whether you need to increase your self-esteem, grow in your career but have something holding you back mentally or emotionally, or look to become a better parent or spouse, a psychologist in Holland, MI can help.

To Cope

In today’s society, depressionanxiety and grief are greater than ever before. We’re all trying to cope with loss of what was once normal because of the pandemic. Many of us are suffering depression for the first time in our lives. Others need help processing what it means to deal with discrimination based on race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Grief happens for things other than the loss of a loved one. You may want help dealing with your grief over the loss of a career, marriage or friendship.

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