Feeling nervous is a normal human response to situations that might be new or challenging. However, when that uneasy sensation feels more extreme like dread, you are dealing with something more serious, and it’s time you seek out therapy for social anxiety. 

What is Social Anxiety?

You might be wondering what the difference is between generalized anxiety and social anxiety. Isn’t all anxiety the same? While there are a lot of similarities, a few differences do separate the two. Generalized anxiety is just that – a generalized fear or dread of world events, what the future holds, and life in general. Social anxiety is more specific. Rather than an umbrella of worries, it’s specific to your fear of how others view you. How social anxiety affects you can look like this:

  • You’re worried about embarrassing yourself in front of others
  • You have a gripping fear when it comes to talking to other people
  • Feeling intense anxiety when attending social events
  • Avoiding events where you might feel this intense anxiety or dread
  • Afraid that others will be able to tell how anxious you are
  • Fear of your bodily responses when in the middle of the social event you’re dreading such as sweating, blushing, tripping over words, or trembling voice
  • Physical symptoms such as an increased heart rate, shaking hands, nauseousness, dizziness, blushing, difficulty breathing, and feeling faint 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, therapy for anxiety can help!

Effective, Compassionate Therapy for General and Social Anxiety with West Michigan Psychological Services

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