A psychological assessment might sound like a fancy professional term for something scary. On the contrary, it is actually quite simple. So what exactly is a psychological assessment? It is a way for Michigan counselors to evaluate your mental health.

Why a Psychological Assessment?

This is an important part of your journey to mental health wellness. This allows the counsellor to evaluate every area of what makes you – well, you. To help get a better idea, let’s look at a comparison. A medical doctor will take you through various tests and assessments to find a diagnosis. A mental health professional uses a psychological assessment to analyze your emotions, behaviors, patterns, and other elements of your psychological being. 

What is Involved?

The assessment is not just one general test. It includes a variety of testing covering multiple areas. These could include observing behavior, completing a standardized test, answering a questionnaire, and reviewing educational history. Interviews may also be conducted with family, friends, teachers, caregivers, and other individuals within the client’s personal and social circle.

Why is it Done?

A psychological assessment helps the mental health professional get the best possible picture of who you are. They gain insight into your background or underlying triggers that could be the root of whatever issue you are dealing with. Other times, assessments are done to prove the stability of the client for the purposes of guardianship, being hired for a particular job, or custody issues.

Let One of Our Michigan Counselors Administer a Personalized Psychological Assessments for You

If a psychological evaluation has been recommended for you or a loved one, chances are you have questions. We have helpful information on our website here. You can also call either West Michigan Psychological Services office or submit your question for one of our Michigan counselors through our online portal here. If you live in the Holland area, call (616) 952-9957. If you are in the Norton Shores area, contact us at (231) 237-8898.